Goalball Taster Session June 2018

Goalball taster session June 2018

I first experienced Goalball when I attended a youth activity weekend for people with a visual impairment. After that I decided to look more into having another go at the sport and attended some taster sessions in London. I did this for a while as the sessions took place on a Saturday and I didn’t mind the traveling.

Unfortunately a few months after I started going the sessions moved to a weekday evening and this was not an ideal time for me to travel and attend the sessions. Ever since I have been keeping an eye out for something more local to be set up.

When I saw that there was going to be a taster session in Essex I jumped at the chance to attend. This session was very successful. Thanks to Liam Simpson and Warren Wilson for making this possible and I hope enough people continue to take an interest and liking to the sport so we could get a team together in Essex.

The session was well attended and I think there was at least seven people from various parts of Essex that attended.

For more information about Goalball visit the GoalballUK website http://www.goalballuk.com/ 

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